Tuesday, 8 November 2011

At The Mountains Of Madness (Part 3)

The trilogy is complete. Prepare to enter the third circle of Occult dementia. That means more spaced out explorations of the psychic wasteland that invoke the hidden power of the Old Gods. And a song about a tractor.

Casually littered with wigged out TV and Film samples, as always.

Listen on Mixcloud or wait for me dawdling to post an mp3.......

EDIT: Finally got the mp3 up. Grab it here.


At The Mountains Of Madness (Part 3) by The Ghost Of The Weed Garden on Mixcloud


  1. I'm not posting a comment until the mp3 arrives.

  2. Any chance this could be re-uped on another server? MU is dead. :(

  3. I would very much like re-uploads of At the mountains of madness and Satanic psychedelia. These are some of the most wonderful mixes I've heard in a long time and I want to hear them on my ipod..

  4. Man this shit is FANTASTIC. Do some more of them!!!!