Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Madness & Magick

Psychedelic, Space Rock, Acid Folk, Kosmische, Electronic, Occult, Haunted VHS.
Listen to it on Mixcloud or download the mp3 here

Dedicated to the memory of J. Matias Aaltonen aka Bird From the Abyss.


  1. I left this playing while I passed out on the floor; when I woke up, my cats had scratched pentagrams and bad language into my back.

    Well, I'm assuming it was the cats...

    A truly awesome audio experience. Many thanks \o/

  2. hi

    would it be possible to re-up the at the mountains of madness trilogy?


  3. The Mountains of Madness Trilogy are trapped on a dead computer. When I perform resurrection rites upon it, I shall upload them again.

  4. Can Psychedelic Satanism be resurrected as well? I wish to share it with a like-minded friend, but seem to have lost my own copy, alas.

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